Moms! BEST Holiday Gifts for Outdoorsy Mamas This Year

Don't Get Her Socks This Christmas....
Ho ho ho, families! It’s that time of year when dads get their tie racks replenished and moms get their chapsticks, socks, and sexy kitchen aprons updated. 

Just what every Outdoorsy Mama had on her list!

Uh, not.

Here’s a REAL list of what we Outdoorsy Mamas want this year. (Of course, what we REALLY want is peace, love and happiness for all human-kind, but that realistically doesn’t fit under the tree or in an Xmas Stocking…)

 So here you go!

1)   Homemade clay blobs from the kids' art class.... makes our hearts SOAR!
2)   Bottle of Kettle One for the freezer with two, Italian made martini glasses and a fresh Meyer’s Lemon.
3)   Weekend away with a girlfriend at Miraval Resort. Or any place with the word “resort” attached to it. http://www.miravalresorts.com 
4)   A lightweight, day-hike women’s backpack. We are all about day-hikes with girlfriends these days. It’s what quenches our adventurous spirit and gets us home in time to pick-up the kids and make the mac&cheese. Check out this assortment from REI: http://www.rei.com/search?query=women%27s+backpacks 
5)   Prana yoga and chill-out clothing. Yummy. The word “prana” itself is defined as life-force, the breath of life. And 20% of many holiday purchases go to an outdoor outreach program for underprivileged kids. Like. Like! http://www.prana.com
Blissful Outdoorsy Mama!
(Credit: Gaylord Hotels)
6)   A day pass, anywhere, to any local spa! Dads, take note: you want more nookie? This is an all-time, almost guaranteed roll in the sack after a spa day for your Outdoorsy wife…. Or, frankly, any wife. Bump it up a level and arrange a sitter and PICK HER UP after her spa day with the instructions “wear a sexy dress and shoes and meet me at the front at 6pm.”  Hot, steamy, mysterious bliss!!! 
7)   Any Barbara Kingsolver novel. She’s a storyteller and former biology teacher – she speaks our Ma Nature language. Just released: Flight Behavior. http://www.kingsolver.com/books/  
8)   Frankly, anything from Italy…
9)   Any clothing of any sort from Luluemon, North Face, Title 9, Athletica. Vital part: keep the receipt!!! We Outdoorsy Mamas love to open the box, ooh and ahh, and then head back to the store immediately to get the actual right size, color, and style. But the generous intent is greatly appreciated!!!

Did I forget anything? Let me know. Add to the list!

Namaste & Three Cheers to you all! -OM

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  1. Hi Outdoorsy Mama,

    I'd like to hook you up in case you don't get some of the items on your list. :) Please email me at pmottol at REI.com

    - Paolo at REI HQ