Flying into Newark for Change of Planes Tomorrow = Change of Plans?

My bags are packed and I am hopping on the red-eye tonight.

Flying directly into the eye of a good old East Coast Nor’Easter headed to the New York area ….. just one week after Sandy hit.

I am trying to get to a wedding far far away. And hoping for a happy ending.

However, with a “change of planes” in Newark, I am likely to get completely nailed – as traveling to the North East this time of year is really more likely a change of PLANS - drop the e - not planes.

No doubt the flippy sundresses I’m bringing in my carry-on only bags will do me well once I get stranded in the NJ snowstorm – waiting in the taxi line outside of the airport in my flip-flops as the sleet comes down – I can use the sundresses as a colorful little head and face masks or maybe to start a little warm, tropical fire to cheer up the other people waiting along with me.

They’ll hate me anyway, because I’m from California now. Everyone hates Californians. ‘Cause we don’t have sleet and Nor’Easters…. or Trump. But I’ll remind them about Earthquakes and Arnold, and we’ll all be friends again.

Got my cell charged, fresh undies, and my quarter in my sock, just in case.

Safe travels and stay warm for round two everyone!

Namaste & Three Cheers! -a

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