Record Breaking 1,775 Pound Pumpkin Featured at Half Moon Bay Art & Pumpkin Festival This Weekend, Oct 13-14

California's Largest Pumpkin Ever!

‘Tis the season! Not for hot cocoa and all that yet – rather, for hot CIDER and corn mazing and pumpkining and all that.

Yes, we celebrate fall, too, over here on the west coast – ‘cept our fall celebration also happens to be with an ocean view here in Half Moon Bay, just south of San Francisco along the coast.

Fields and fields and pumpkin farms of fields of pumpkins screaming their crisp autumn orange against the blue, blue sky, and then LOOK, there’s the ocean! This is a strange and almost magical combination for a native New Englander where our fall is celebrated amongst rolling green mountains and syrupy Maple groves.

This year’s bell of the pumpkin fest ball in downtown Half Moon Bay is the gorgeous and gorged gord – the massive 1,775 pound super pumpkin – breaking all California records and looking like a major steroid experiment gone wild.

The most pressing inquiry in the group was the ever-curious: I wonder what happens when it starts to rot? For we’ve all seen what a hot day can do to our relatively puny pumpkins on our own front porches.  Hmmmm.

Pie eating contests. Pumpkin carving. Costumes. It’s all here!

Namaste & Three Pumpkin-y Cheers –Annie

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