50 Shades of Grey Wolf & the Big Bad Sexy Wolf Halloween Costume

I’d just read that they’ve taken the Wolf off of the Endangered Species act in Wyoming.

Big Bad Sexy Wolf? The New "50 Shades" Fairy Tale
So when I was at the pop-up Halloween extravaganza store yesterday scanning the aisles and costumes with my kiddos amongst the Naughty Dora the Explor-oh-yeah-baby! and Ally Catraz Prisoner handkerchief sized costumes for “big-girls”, the BIG BAD SEXY WOLF costume jumped out at me.

First of all, it’s a whole rewrite of the “3 Little Pigs” story. Tell me how that story would go now with the Big Bad Sexy Wolf showing up instead….. “And I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll……..”  Ahem, YOU fill in the blank. Pigs high -fiving all over the place, texting their pig-friends at this 50 Shades of Grey Wolf porno about to be acted out….

But, secondly, and to the point of this piece, the grey wolf in Wyoming may be sexy and may be big, but apparently it’s the furthest thing from being bad. In fact, in another almost ridiculous 50 Shades word-play moment, it’s been great for the beavers. The beavers in Wyoming are thriving from the increase in population of the wolves. Which is why I almost titled this article: WHY THE BIG BAD SEXY WOLF IS GREAT FOR OUR BEAVERS. Ahem.

And wolves are not only good for our beavers, but they also “have a powerful effect on the well-being of the ecosystems around them – from the survival of the trees and riverbank vegetation to, perhaps surprisingly, the health of the populations of their prey,” according to the Op-Ed piece “Why the Beaver Should Thank the Wolf” by Mary Ellen Hannibal in this Sunday’s New York Times.

And this is why a group of non-profits are challenging the federal government’s decision to remove the Big Bad Sexy Wolf from the Endangered Species Act.

We need to protect our sexy wolves.

And the Three Little Pigs.... and even a Little-Red-Riding-Hood Gone Wild…. just might agree.

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