The Cardboard Box Rule of Boredom for Kids: Caine's Arcade

Did you know there is a Cardboard Box Rule of Boredom: No child shall never, ever be bored within 500 feet of a cardboard box.

Our 2nd Grade teachers sent home an article last week: Benefits of Boredom. Which is what generated the last blog o’ mine….. and this one too.

They also sent the following You-Tube video as “homework” for the kids to watch --- There is this amazingly bored real-life kid in East LA named Cain, who was so bored and had so many cardboard boxes, he just may have been discovered as the new Creative Genius of our time.

You may have heard of him. He made headlines a while back. It’s a super sweet story. And worth sharing with your kids as an inspirational moment – a teachable moment.

This 9 year old’s summer camp was his dad’s used car parts store. Look at how he turned an impossibly Boring summer into an Exploratorium of imagination and fun.

What a kid.

Watch and enjoy! 

Namaste & Three Cheers! -a

check out his website, too: http://cainesarcade.com

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