5 Best and Fun! Gear Goodies for the Fall

Sleestak Feet or Vibram Barefoot Shoes?
After three days of zzzzz, I’m back and it’s time to check out the fun, cool, stuff out there. Here are a few of my faves these days:

Bargain Alert! 02COOL Mist ‘N Sip 20oz Hydration Bottle ---
Ok, my kids are the most popular kids on the field with this water bottle. It’s the cool “mister” action that it does that has all the kids of all ages crowding around. It’s a total gizmo, but it’s fun and it actually does cool them down. Beware the random squirt in the face that occasionally happens while stuffing into backpacks, etc. Methinks it’s made not to last, but it’ll be fun while it does!

Ice-Ice, Baby! Icebreaker New Zealand Merino Athletic Clothing Line ---
Wow!!! After I finish breaking into Vanilla Ice’s one-hit-wonder song and focus on the clothes, I continue to be WOW-ed by this relatively new brand: made from Merino wool from very handsome and fuzzy New Zealand sheep, IT DOES NOT ITCH and IT DOES NOT GET SMELLY, and it is stylish and comfy. Honestly, I was skeptical – I grew up with the mega-itch, Vermonty wool sweaters and VOWED never to wear wool again with all the soft poly fleece out now. However, the Marino is almost magical on the skin – it just feels good. And, after a day of wearing an Icebreaker shirt, normally I’d have to throw it into the laundry due to normal pit-tage – with Icebreaker’s Marino, it somehow doesn’t have the odor! Which of course gives it the Gold Star Award, because that means less laundry for all… which means a much happier mama. P.S. It’s worth going to Icebreaker’s website – it’s hilarious and you’ll fall in love with them just for their philosophy.

My love affair continues… Keen’s Kids Alamosa Shoes ---
Yes. I continue to be in love with Keens. Who knew that a shoe would make a mom so happy. But with 3 extraordinarily active kids who trash their shoes at an alarming rate (sorry landfills!) we unfortunately have become high-fiveing regulars in the Nordstrom’s shoe department. Until now. This Keen shoe has wildly impressed me. So durable! My son brought these to overnight camp with him for mountain biking, hiking, thrashing, trashing, zip-lining, tree-climbing. My son came home with bumps and bruises – the Keens came home completely intact! I quickly went out and bought my girls a pair for back to school. Love ‘em.

This ain’t no crock…. Crock-Pot (or Slow Cooker) ---
That 70’s Crock is back… no, not the shoe, the Pot! (Um, that sounds odd too…) ANYWAY, go out on your family adventure – hike, ski, bike, skate, surf, safari – and a delicious meal that is NOT overcooked is ready when you get home. We tested this on our trip to Yosemite and it was a FANTASTIC time saver and delicious treat after playing all day. My friend P brings his on weekend family ski trips for the suite w/kitchenette they stay in. Looking for good recipes if anyone has some, send ‘em this way.

Holy Sleestaks, Batman! Vibram Barefoot Shoes ---
Do Sleestaks Wear Vibrams, Too?

Yes, more shoes. But HOW MUCH FUN are they to look at??? You can't look away. And they remind me of the horrible, nightmare-inducing Sleestak creatures from Land of the Lost from our youth. My bro actually wore them for our 9 hour hike this summer. Up and down and felt great! And looked like a lizard the whole time. Totally cool. (ps. these shoes are NOT for everyone and should be worn w/care and breaking in! the barefoot craze is real but use with knowledge and smarts!)

Namaste & Three Cheers. -a 

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