Local, Marin Mom Admits to Tree Hugging While Hubby Away on Biz Trips

Caught on Tape: Tree Hugging in Yosemite 
I admit it. I am the occasional tree hugger. As we descend into a gorgeous, lush grotto of majestic Redwoods, I will spot a tree. The tree. Walk over, and wrap my arms around it, as best I can given it’s a giant tree, and say: Thank You. Thank you tree.

I rest my forehead against the bark and thank that tree for all the fresh air it gives us greedy humans and for all the energy it spends turning our exhales into fresh, pure inhales.

My hiking friends have gotten used to my behavior after the initial look of “you gotta be kidding me.” And, sometimes, they join in like some weird little cult. They find their own tree to thank and hug.

And, lastly, of course, I have my favorites. My favorite, big, old hugging tree just on the other side of the hill from Muir Woods on the Dipsea Trail heading towards Stinson Beach. There it stands, on a bend in the well-worn trail. Humongous. Possibly the great, great grand-daddy of all the other Redwoods in the grove. I give that tree a hug every single time I pass.

Maybe I’m nuts. Maybe I’m right on. I suppose we’ll never know.

Have you hugged a tree today? Try it. You just might find it makes your day... or makes you nuts.

[Ps. I couldn’t resist this title. It was just too funny even tho it makes absolutely no sense.]

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