BEST Water Bottles: Mom & Kid Tested and Approved

Modern Art or Typical Water Bottle Drawer?
Our water bottle drawer has been a massive conundrum for years. One style, one brand works for a while then the disastrous leak into the old diaper bag or purse during pee-wee soccer has us groaning with dismay at the “leak-proof” bottle that is a necessity for every single mom/parent on this planet.

After purchasing just about every single brand with every single top on the market, here are our FAVORITES factoring in age of person, size of bottle, and, most importantly, easy access to water! (The tight tops on some of these bottles have lead to many tears!)

1) Best for little kids – Sigg Kids .3L - .6L, $17.99 - $19.99. Sigg had us worried a few years ago with the scandal about BPA in their liners. But we forgive them now, maybe, because their bottles are just SO great for little kids. And they now have an “EcoCare liner made from BPA Free and Phthalate-Free ingredients.” From the smaller sizes, to the cute design, to, most importantly, the EASE OF ACCESS to the water….little hands can easily flip off the top protective cover and turn the inner bottle top for a manageable amount of water flow for their little selves. We are outgrowing these in our family, but thumbs up for all those years of service…

2) Best for tweens/teens – CamelBak eddy .75L, $15
Bite, Sip, Go! Great catch phrase for this age group. These bottles have been phenomenal for my thirstier, rougher, more active son who needs lot of water, fast – but I need something that won’t spill all over his soccer bag AND that is easy to get water out of fast, without wrestling with tight tops. We have an older version than the eddy – which promises a redesigned bite valve and faster flow – and the only prob we’ve found is the straw coming off when cleaning and getting lost in the abyss of the water bottle drawer. Great, great bottle and kids love to sip from it…

3) Best for us old people/parents – KleenKanteen Wide Insulated, 16oz, $25.95-$31.95
This is not the light-weight bottle for backpacking, this bottle gets the major two thumbs up for carting around your either hot or cold beverages while you are schlepping the kids to their various games on Saturdays. There is NOTHING like taking a sip and instead of it being the awful lukewarm water that’s been sitting in the car for 2 days, it’s deliciously cold ice water that has held it’s temp. Or steamy hot coffee from an hour ago to enjoy at the 9am game. This is a new discovery for me (and the stainless steel reminds me of the old Coleman camping one that my dad use to put soup into for our camping trips.) Ps. Go for the extra cash for the “CafĂ© Cap” option so you can sip like a regular to-go cup.

Agree? Disagree? Have another favorite? And what do we all think about the new Roll-Up water bottles?

Namaste & Three Cheers. -A

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