Marin Headlands Moment of Zen. Northern California. USA #travel

Photographer's STORY: I was majorly dumped by the first Uber driver at LAX airport pickup once he heard where i was going. So I begged the second guy to please pleaseeee come get me. Bless his brave soul he made it to the madhouse that is the Uber meet-up area. And now here we sit together in the beautiful, horrible Los Angeles traffic, Sam and me. And I think, argh I need to escape this. A moment of Nature. Of Zen. Grey, grey cement surrounding us now, horns blaring and i'm still a little salty about the blow-off by the first guy, I begin to scroll through my nature photography in the backseat of the compact Honda Civic. My glorious, golden, glowing photos which make my heart sing and swell with anticipation for my next trek out into and and touch of the wild. They're here for me. I can feel the surge of joy as I look at my luscious, green Marin Headlands covered in purple flowers. Sunset. Fresh, crisp Pacific Ocean air. Breathing again, Sam my kind driver and I sit in peaceful silence and tolerate the LA chaos outside. Destination peace. #nature #zen #LA #uberStories 

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