Motherhood Just Got an Adventure Makeover: Redefine Your Motherhood Now #GetOutside

Writer, photographer, adventurer mom of three.

Have you ever seen that pic of the mama opossum with her seemingly 17,000 baby opossums clinging to her from every available space on her body. Her eyes are wide as if in shock and you can just hear her fuzzy, overwhelmed, marsupial self saying: How the hedge did I get myself into this…

That was me for years with three little kids: hello 3 year old son and brand new, girl twins. Tiny, pink humans clinging to me. Stuck all over me as if I was made of Velcro. Attached to me as if with Super Glue. Bound to my every limb as if with yards and yards and miles and miles of silver Duct Tape.

And, ahhh, yes, I loved every minute of it because my kids are my heart and my joy and my pride and my every, single, waking breath. However, I was also completely, 100% overwhelmed and completely, 100% lonely for my former mountain mama life that came to a screeching halt while I went into solitary, mama survival mode.

If only the Adventure Mamas Initiative and their bad-ass, kick-ass, empowering, adventure tribe were around at that time for an outdoorsy mama like me. Well, with the advent of social media and mass, social communication, thank god they are here NOW for outdoor women turned moms who need the support and clarity and vision and wisdom of a like-minded community.

Whoop!! Bring it on gnarly, outdoor ladies! We are so ready for this movement.

So what is this Adventure Mamas Initiative and why do we care and want to support them? 

“When we pursue our passions and prioritize self-care, we are better able to fulfill all of our roles. For mothers though, this statement is both especially true and especially challenging. Women's maternal health and well-being directly affects the health and well-being of families, communities, and our culture at large - that's no exaggeration. And yet, it's a shrouded community where honesty is not often encouraged and depression, anxiety, guilt, and shame run rampant." 

“Adventure Mamas Initiative is a women’s health non-profit that is using adventure to combat this. Currently, we are working to raise $30,000 to implement programs, build community, and extend our ability to empower women around the world. To learn more about our efforts, check out our REDEFINING MOTHERHOOD campaign. Your donation supports a revolution in women’s health in a real and tangible way.”

Photo Credit: IG @thatgirlshont
Photo Credit: IG @shrediger

Photo Credit: IG @lilearthmuffin 

I am honored to be a writer-contributor to this incredible group. I dug myself out. I reclaimed my adventures both with and without my kiddos. So I know it deeply, feel it, have lived this truth. 

Start now. It’s never, ever too late. Jump in.

Redefine your motherhood NOW. 

-Annie IG @OutdoorsyMama 
come play!

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