10 Ways to Celebrate Kids to Parks Day on May 20th!

Kiddos hiking & leaping with joy in one of our nation's spectacular State Parks.
Mt Tamalpais State Park, California.

Running, jumping, climbing, flinging their arms wide and laughing with glee. Kids who get outside and into the fresh air and nature are happier, healthier kids. We all know it and it’s why almost a million kids and parents will rally together on May 20th this year to celebrate Kids To Parks Day in honor of making it happen every single day for kiddos from all corners of the USA. 

"This year's Kids to Parks Day looks to be the biggest one ever...our goal is to get 1 million kids and their families celebrating this national day of outdoor play," said Grace Lee, National Park Trust's executive director. And I believe it will happen, the spirit is contagious. 

Getting my own family out into the parks is sometimes a challenge however, even for an outdoorsy type mama, what with the loaded schedules and gear prices for the never ending growing feet and bodies and noggins to protect and keep warm. Good news is that with decent planning and sometimes a spontaneous spark for a micro-adventure and an eye for a good deal when we see one, we make time in the outdoors happen.

And what a difference it makes in our lives!

Here are 10 favorite things to do to celebrate Kids to Parks Day and get outside:

1 - Build gigantic sand castles on the beach.

2 - Scramble up a steep hill using your hands and feet.

3 - Fly through the air on a secret rope swing.

4 - Then fling yourself off of a secret rope swing into a chilly watering hole.

5 - Climb a tree and hang out on the branches like the king of the world!

6 - Boogie board in the cold California surf brrrrrrrrr.

7 - Reach the summit of a peak and enjoy the amazing view.

8 - Play pick-up whiffle ball in the park down the street during sunset.

9 - Romp with your best friend, your family dog, who likes parks even more than you do!

10 - Hike through gorgeous forests in the springtime with green, green leaves.

The list goes on and on………

My growing kiddos who once used to revel in investigating every single bug and pebble in a square foot along the trail for an hour are now skilled mountain goats, comfortable in nature, leading the charge up the switchbacks and to the peaks of our local hills. My heart bursts with pride. 

And my heart bursts with pride with the honor of helping get almost a million kids and adults outside and into parks on May 20th by sharing affordable gear to take that pocketbook stress off of families. 

Kids To Parks partner Northside is offering a GIVEAWAY for a pair of their hiking boots. Sturdy. Solid. Less expensive.

Whoop! Win a pair of hiking boots like these from Northside!

So go for it. Get your kids and family outside on May 20th and every day. And win a pair of hiking boots to boot. You can enter to win in the form below! Giveaway is OVER we have a winner :)

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-Annie @OutdoorsyMama

Disclaimer Giveaway: Giveaway is open to US Residents only and starts on March 15 12am and ends on March 23 12am. The winner of one pair of hiking boots will be chosen and a response within 48 hours is required. 

Disclaimer Gear: Northside provided gear for me and my kids to field test and for this giveaway. All opinions are formed, thought over, mulled, churned and are 100% my own.

Give back. Do good. Get kids into nature.
Photo: National Park Trust
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  1. What we like about parks are there beauty and the variety of wild life. Wonderful!