Outdoor Gear Review: The Luminoodle from Power Practical Shines Bright

My immediate reaction upon unfurling the Luminoodle from it’s small, white pouch the size of an Idaho potato was to play with it. Wrap it around my arm. Wrap it around my dog. Wrap it around my neck. The whimsical, noodly shape that is a string of LED lights in a waterproof casing can’t help but bring out the kid in me. I fiddle with it and start imagining how we can incorporate it into one of next year’s Halloween costumes.

After having fun goofing with it for a while, I then get serious and throw it into our outdoor gear bins to take for a test run as a utilitarian item on our family camping trip in the mountains.

Testing out the Luminoodle at our campsite.
Each night at dusk, we pull out the Luminoodle at the campsite to try it out as a light source as you would a lantern. All campers on the trip agree that it is too bright to have in close proximity to where we are hanging out – it’s not a warm light. We want to shield our eyes when we are near the light strip and to quote a camper: “It made everything else hard to see.” For this reason, I can see it having value as an emergency kit item to have as a back-up lighting source.

Luminoodle creating excellent tent lighting.
Where the Luminoodle really shines bright is when we pull it into the tent with us and hang it from the ceiling using the universal ties. With the tent diffusing the light in similar fashion to the white, nylon bag, the Luminoodle creates a warm glow throughout the tent which we really love.

Product Pros:
Creates bright light
Hangs inside tent easily with universal ties & magnets
Perfect for inside tent lighting – creates warm glow
Fun, string-like shape that can wrap around anything
Charger for electronics with Lithium 4400 Battery

Product Cons:
Too bright to have close to us when outdoors at campsite
Not good for creating ambiance outside

5 foot LED strip with 26 lights
Universal ties, utility loop, magnets for hanging
White, nylon bag to create “lantern” effect
Add-on: Lithium battery with light 

This product comes from the same creative minds that brought the outdoor world the PowerPot – a camping pot that is actually considered a portable generator which charges your devices as you heat up your water. Pretty cool. Love the ingenuity from this company. Let’s keep an eye on them for sure.

Final word: Best use for inside tent or inside white, nylon bag.

Luminoodle by Power Practical with Lithium 4400 Battery; $39.99

Disclaimer: This product was sent to Outdoorsy Mama free of charge for review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Looks like a great way to light up a tent and the brightness is good for my kids, who love to read before going bed.

    1. yes! loved it in the tent just for that. thanks midwestBaseCamp - Meet-up someday soon!

  2. I read your post. 5 foot LED strip with 26 lights is most likable for me. Thanks for share.