7 Ways to Worship Outdoorsy Moms with Fun Gear and Outdoor Adventures

Forget everything else ‘cept the handmade goodies.

Spoil your outdoorsy gal with these fun ideas this Mother’s Day and - heck - any day. 

PlatyPreserve Wine Preservation System $10 
PlatyPreserve wine carrier perfect for backpacking
Introduced to me last summer on a backpacking trip through Hell’s Canyon Wilderness by an expert named WineHiker, this lightweight wine flask makes mom the happiest gal at the campfire after a great day on the trails. Portable, re-useable again and again. Cheers!

What the what? Yup. Something to make us smile. Brand new this year, a string of LED lights designed for a Big Agnes tent or to just string up at the campsite. Powered by AAA batteries or USB. I drool at the idea of these as a fun and festive luxury item for our campsite. 

Icebreaker Clothing – Lightweight Layers $50 & up
Shear me a New Zealand sheep and throw it on my hiking body. I love this gear and I always need more lightweight layers with the unpredictable temps that hiking and outdoor activity throws my way…..Be sure to keep an eye out for a store near you – our San Francisco store is full of friendly outdoorsy people and they throw lots of cool events.

Lululemon Pants $80 & up
Lululemon pants at the campsite
They're comfortable. They're indestructible. And darn it, they look good too. I've had mine for years. I've sat on burnt marshmallows. Not washed them according to directions. Worn them in extreme hot and cold temps. Hiked, biked, gone trail running and camping. And they still hold their shape. They cost more yet they last forever. They're my go to pants for every outdoor activity. 

Moms' Hike to Family Picnic bottle of champagne $16 + lunch
"The perfect blend of nature and nurture." You keep the kids. We gals spend the morning hiking with friends. Dads and kids meet the moms 7 miles later at the pick-up spot with lunch ready to celebrate. We've done this for years and it's a win-win for everyone. The perfect one two punch with a pop of bubbly at the end. A favorite for ALL, take note, hubbies.

Spontaneous Weekend Camping Trip  priceless
Camping in Mt Tamalpais State Park
A few days ago, the general mood in the house was set to "cranky" - not fun heading into Mother's Day. So what's the solution? Planning a spontaneous local camping trip (if you can!) to a local state park. Yesterday we set up the tents and sent the kids into the trees - go be wild, you creatures - the best jungle gym ever. Poof went the crankies. Happy kids, happy wife.... happy life. Scramble and make it happen. 

Epic National Park Trip  also priceless
Yosemite National Park, Merced River 
And finally, why not? It's time. Pick that National Park you've been drooling over and make it happen. Zion. Olympic. Yellowstone. Yosemite....Southern Utah loop. Or destination Denali. Active family trips are an ingredient for healthy families. Book it!

So get out there and worship. And we'll be sure to worship you back. 

-- Outdoorsy Mama


  1. Thank's for sharing. I love this post, really enjoy when people understand how important outdoor family time is. I totally agree with you that it teaches children hard work equals good results. Lovely post.

    1. Thank you Olivia! I really appreciate your comment and yes I agree that getting the kids and all of us together outside is truly important. Have a great day & see you outside! -a

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