Love in the Outdoors: Camping with Kids - Not a Lot of Space for Sexy Time. #OutdoorFamilies Valentine's Tribute

Well there's NOTHING sexier than a camping trip with the kids! 

A little Valentine's Humor from the vault... originally published 2/13/14. Happy Valentines Week everyone & good luck!

Recently, on a Twitter Chat, a question similar to this was posed: Question: What 3 things impede you from getting sexy with your partner in the outdoors?

My automatic, immediate, couldn't help myself answer was Answer: Child #1, 2 & 3.

Which received lots of Twitter "Favorites", which are like high-fives to non Twitter-ites.

Good to have a sense of humor about these things because, truth is, there's not a lot of "sexy-time" on family camping trips what with the 5 of us stacked in the tent like ripe, dirt-slicked sardines each night -- an 8 year old elbow in my nose, a 12 year old foot in my face. Lots of heavy breathing - but not in the Valentines way. 

Ahh. Outdoor sexy time!

I have visions of riding a white horse on a beach towards my husband, who is riding maybe a black horse, galloping, galloping, towards each-other. The wind in my hair. The sound-track playing something super romantic -- Titanic-y, maybe. 

But that vision is quickly hijacked, yes, like the Titanic -- because inevitably, one of my kids will come sprinting-out, screaming, directly in front of my horse holding a ripe, dead seagull's body on the tip of a long, unwieldy stick, and my glorious mount will rear-up and buck me and my flowing, white gown off…. and I will land flat on my face, mouth full of seaweed and sand.

Ahhhh. Another sexy-time moment as a parent…

But as bad as that all seems - serious birth control for many folks - and even though it's been said by scientists with gweeby glasses that couples with kids are much less happy than those without, could you even imagine NOT having that little dirty face to kiss on her marshmallow-covered nose each campfire night? To not have that little-bitty hand to hold while crossing that stream?

I think not.

So outdoor sexy-time with the hubby be damned -- for now. Our time will come again. 

In eleven years and counting when they're all headed off for college… 

Be. Breathe. Do it. Happy Valentines day! -OM

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