Urban Hiking in New York City: The High Line. New York City’s Answer to #GetOutside & Nature from Three Stories High

Springtime in New York City on the High Line 
Length: @ 3 miles Round Trip

Location: West Side, Manhattan, New York City
Level of Difficulty: Easy - flat
Exposure: Full sun
Dogs: Leave ‘em at home
Highlights: Surprising peek-a-boo views of Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, "hiking/walking" 3 stories up from a NYC street

High Line Map
Heading to NYC to visit my little sis, I knew I needed to pack an assortment of black clothes, some heels for a change, and maybe pack a little more of an attitude.

But one thing for sure, I knew I would also pack my sneaks. Because, for sure, I'd still need to Get Outside to stretch my legs and for my daily fix of some therapeutic fresh air. 

Enter the "new since June 2011" fantastically cool High Line -- a renovated New York City Park/trail stretching 1.5 miles and 3 floors up and over city streets -- built on the historic raised freight line once used to deliver goods from hood to hood in West Side of Manhattan. 

Peek-a-boo views of Empire State Bldg
On one end, in the trendy Meatpacking District, you can admire the unique plantings lining and interrupting the trail - nature! - you can look down on the smashing DVF and glitzy shops and cafes, and you can, if you happen to look ahead during the correct footstep, catch a glimpse of the most famous and well dressed lady in the world... the glamorous Statue of Liberty.

On the other end, as you walk North towards W 34th Street, you'll get a peek at the Empire State Building on your right, and a fascinating maze and zazzle of plantings, shrubbery, trees, art installations, architecture and, of course, what NYC is know best for, the terrifying yet curious species we all can't get enough of: New Yorkers.

Green plants of every variety dot the trail.
But thanks to some of these super persistent and forward-thinking New Yorkers (probably the same ones who stole my taxi cab the other day), this raised line was saved from obliteration and then transformed into a pocket of Nature. 

So, leave your pooches at home - no tinkling on the plants. Bring your cameras, your sense of wonder, your joy that we've found some greenery and movement in a slightly grey space. 

Be. Breathe. Hike it. -OM

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