New Profile Pic, New Year, Let's Get Back to It, Shall We?

Back from the parenting abyss of pre-Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving, Christmas, pre-Christmas, post-Christmas, New Year's, Naps After New Year's, Back to School…… ahhhh. 

I've found myself again.

So, time for a new profile pic for a new year.

Outdoorsy Mama

Kids tucked into the sides of me on top of Alpine Meadows Ski Area in California. Overlooking Lake Tahoe. Bluebird day.

It's going to be a glorious ski season. Even if Mother Nature has completely forgotten how to produce snow in the Northern California area. Modern technology/massive snowmaking is keeping the slopes white and fun!

(Though, come on, Ma Nature, time for a refresher course.) 

Let's get things going again, shall we? Inspire me. Make me laugh. Create adventure. Calm. Centered. Real. Get out there and enjoy!

Be. Breathe. Do it. -OM

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  1. Looks like an awesome day at Alpine Meadows! Hopefully, Tahoe will see more snow this upcoming winter. It's not too early to prepare the little ones with weather appropriate kids ski clothing!