Parking Area for our Local GGNRA Hikes Closed? What the? Dang You, Shutdown!!!

Parking area for our local access to GGNRA closed. What the???
Well, well, well. Reading all about the Shutdown on Twitter and Yahoo and yappity yap radio programs is all well and good, but when it affects me and my neighborhood hiking -- there's hell to pay!!!

This is the sign that greeted me today at the trailhead of the GGNRA hike that starts just miles from our house. Luckily, on further, close inspection and confirmation from a savvy friend, it's only the parking lot that's been closed. The trails are still open for use. 

Whew. I was really nervous for those Congressmen for a minute.

But, seriously, businesses all over the country are getting throttled by the Parks' closures and OutdoorsyMama is no exception. As a fun, new adventure, I am experimenting with some trial group hikes for any and all who live in the Bay Area to come join the fun. 

But, with snags like crappy, nonexistent parking and ticketing Rangers (apparently the one thing they have not shutdown is PAYING the man-hours for Rangers to ticket the cars of people who are trying to still enjoy the trails who are parked in wonky spots along the road en route to the closed parking lot.) Head spinning? Mine too!

Let me try this again... With snags like crappy, nonexistent  parking and ticketing Rangers, I'm going to hold off on the group invite and just subject some local guinea-pig, outdoorsy friends to try some hikes out under the OutdoorsyMama leadership and my lucky partners, and see how it goes. 

So stay tuned everyone. More announcements to follow and possibly some cool, new adventures with rockin', fun, interesting, meaningful peeps for you to meet up with!

Namaste & Three Cheers! -OM

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Mine/Thine Homework? 
Have a voice in the shutdown. Make some noise! 


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