Heart-Pumping Excitement for Fans as New Zealand & USA Duke it Out Under the Golden Gate Bridge

What a day! 

Yesterday, we snuck away from daytime duties and zipped over the Golden Gate to join the throngs of folks waving Kiwi and USA flags at the massive space ships with sails -- the massive catamarans -- that flew by us at mach-Star-Wars speed back and forth on the Bay. 

I actually think i saw the Millennium Falcon do an illegal fly-by at one point along with all the helicopters whirring around.

At 1:15pm Race #1 started with USA trailing the Kiwis 0-4.

Nail biting commenced on a gorgeous San Francisco day....

Start of the Race! NZ in red, USA in black

Alcatraz fly by

Near miss! Oakland Hills in background

Racing back to the Golden Gate, Angel Island in background

Final pass by Golden Gate

NZ in the lead on homestretch (yachts, fans & helicopters)
Victory Kiwis!

Crowd going nuts at finish line!

Exhausted & Exhilarated crew of NZ 11 seconds post race #1

As luck, skill and a whole lot of Red Bull no doubt would have it yesterday, NZ pulled away even father to win both races.

Team USA has a mighty mountain to climb, sea to cross, bay to navigate. Can't wait to see what happens next!

Namaste & Three Cheers! -OM

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