So Much to Celebrate! Voted Top 3 Outdoorsy Mom Blogger, Over 12,500 Page Views, Viral on Pinterest, Best Fan Base EVER!!!!

Boom! Celebrating Top 3 Outdoorsy Mom Blogger

Yippee! There is so much to celebrate around here!

1st   THANK YOU so much to all of you voting for Top Outdoorsy Mom in the USA (the Universe???)  We made #3 – that’s a BRONZE MEDAL in the Outdoorsy Mom Blog Olympics representing 50 blogs!!! What does this mean? Well, I don’t know…. but stay tuned…. There’s an interview and some other cool stuff coming up…..

2nd   Lots of excited, curious, laughing & clicking going-on out there. Our numbers are climbing and we’re over 12,500 page views. Not bad for a girl with a computer, a stinky Keen, and a dream whilst driving for carpool….

3rd   Thank you Pinterest people… we love you! A few of my blogs went viral and we watched a wild ride as Pinterst Pin-ers pinned and “liked” and went to town on Outdoorsy ideas. Woo hoo!

And, finally, we're celebrating the best base of fans, friends, family, other fun bloggers, Outdoorsy folk, some City folk ever -- Boom!

Namaste & Three Cheers to You! –Outdoorsy Mama

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