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Reconnect With Your Fun Side, Parents!

Sometimes it’s important to remind ourselves to find our playful side again.

After assuming the role of parent for such a long time, the authoritarian, chop-chop, needing to control the bedlam as best as possible and avoid weekly/daily visits to the ER gets us into a zone of safety. Caution. Low-risk movements and action.

Yesterday my bro and I went out for a long arse hike with a 2,300 vertical rise.

As we cruised up, we noted more bear doo-doo along the Manzanita bush groves, towering granite peaks ahead, and giant vertical drops to our side.

Hitting the top, we broke from the trail and followed the river and waterfall line – going off-piste and, gulp, carefully stepped along a steep, slick incline in an as minimally reckless manner as a mom of three and dad of two might consider.

It felt freeing.

A little fear, in a good way.

Adrenaline pumping not because one of our kids had just grabbed the hot, steaming, scalding mug of absent-minded coffee from the dining room table, but rather because I was doing something risky, daring by my own free choice. Freeing my cells to energize and wake-up and feel the freedom of a little adventure terror.

The hidden pools of high-mountain water were waiting like a happy, cool prize for my brother and me. Slow August water had made them accessible and “safe” – we could see the glistening trout swimming deep down.

Stripping off our layers and taking the hairy, big, vertical plunge into the cool relief of the swimming hole carved by eons of churning rocks in the Yosemite waters, it was a release and a relief.

Fun with a sliver of danger. Just what the doctor ordered.

Namaste & Three Cheers. -A

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