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Every Vermont Town is Oh So Delicious!

Forgive me. An anemic showing so far for my horn-blowing about “The Vermont Chronicles.” But hot summery days with rivers and wildflower walks and berry picking have left little time for type-typeiting on the keyboard.

But, oh, the plethora of Ma Nature’s and Vermont’s goodies to share!

Last night I had a vision of how to describe Vermont in the summer to someone who’d never been here before. And my challenge was to NOT use the words “quaint” or “nestled in”  – as these are travel adjectives so perfect for every single town in Vermont that I needed to see if I could push past the already perfect description.

So here I go:

If Vermont were a scoop of fresh, homemade Black Raspberry ice cream from the Creamee Stand on the side of rolling Route 7, each little town in Vermont is like one of the Rainbow Jimmies that have been sprinkled on top of the most delicious ice cream state of the summer. Each town is a teeny taste of their own special color and flavor, together making a rainbow of perfection on what already was the perfect bite. A little maple, a little berry, a little sweet corn. A little organic from-the-earth living with a lot of laid-back, good-natured cultivation with a touch of anti-rat-race on top.

Mmmmmm. Hungry yet?

(ps. Jimmies are the Vermonter way of saying Sprinkles… and Creamee is Soft Serve.)

Each of these little communities has a striking white steeple from a different denomination of gathering place – a boxy, sensible church -- usually centering the Village Green and some little shops around it. An Aubuchon Hardware. A used car and tractor dealership on the outskirts. Possibly a café with a tasting room for one of the new Vermont wineries trending these days.

Less cows than I remembered. More focus on fresh, homemade food stands and tiny town festivals with seriously kitchy and cool local bands playing to the local and tourismo crowd.

Little square New Englandy houses dot the little towns and also the countryside around them and you find yourself wondering – how do they do this in the winter? It all looks so lush and green and ideal right now. How about in January with 6 feet of snow and cross country skis to get back and forth to your latte?

Well, ask me in January when I’m not in the least bit interested in coming here. (Sorry Vermont, I know you’ll work on me.) Let’s stick to Summer.

So, in the meantime, make mine a double-scoop with room for extra Rainbow Jimmies. The flavor of summer.

Namaste & Three Cheers! -a


  1. mmmm mmmm good! make mine a triple!
    headed that way on tuesday.
    see you soon, you quaint thing you.

    keep up the posts!