Jon Stewart Takes on Two Headed Fish Makers: Are Two Heads Really Better Than One?

2 Heads Better Than One?

Jon Stewart Takes On Two Headed Fish Makers

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Thanks to a well meaning fan (love ya, Dad) with a fun sense of humor, I was sent this video from “The Daily Show” about curious looking – and pretty gross – Two Headed Fish showing up in the rivers of Idaho – the gorgeous state I called home for six years BK, Before Kids.

Jon’s reporter takes on big business and governmental agencies in their usual way. Making us laugh, and at the same time, making us say: REALLY???

Apparently the real news hit the waves back in February, but, in true form, “The Daily Show” helps broadcast the dry, depressing information in a exclamation point, eyebrow raising way that makes us take note.

How many hours did I spend splashing through those rivers? Hundreds….. and never hooked a two headed trout. Dang.

Sounds like the Idaho Chamber of Commerce may have a new spin on a sport to promote. And Orvis may need to get their people designing a new line of hooks… STAT!


Uh, I’ll have the chicken.

Namaste & Three Cheers. -a

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