Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Vote for Outdoorsy Mama for Top 25 Outdoorsy Mom Blogger!

Ok, friends. I'm actually way, way late to the game. I just found out about this....

But there are still 2 weeks left to "vote for your favorite" outdoorsy mom blog. Final day: March 27th. And why do we do this? For the honor of saying: I'm a Top 25 Outdoorsy Mom Blogger!

Press the button over to your right (or the link down below) and head on over. You'll find lots of other, cool outdoorsy moms who blog on there. And me, too! Uh, towards the bottom....scroll down, scroll down.... keep scrolling......

PRESS HERE: To Vote For Outdoorsy Mama Top 25!!!

Interestingly, you can vote EVERY DAY. Every day? Yup. Every day.

I'm not going to do the hard-sell here and beam emails and posts to everyone far and wide including long-lost Great Aunt Edna. Just this post and the button until the 27th.

So if the spirit moves you, Vote for Outdoorsy Mama!

Let's see what happens.....

Namaste & Three Cheers! -OM

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