Thursday, March 7, 2013

5k Run/Walk & Festival My Step, Her Stride on March 16 in San Francisco - Helping Women Survivors of War Rebuild Their Lives

Bay Area Things to Do: SAN FRANCISCO, CA

Hey everyone! If you’re in San Fran next weekend, come walk for a great cause!

5k Run/Walk Fundraiser – My Step, Her Stride
Women for Women International
Saturday March 16, 2013 at Fort Mason

WHO DOES THE $$$ GO TO? Women survivors of war, conflict, civil strife from 9 countries: Afghanistan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Dem. of the Congo, Iraq, Kosovo, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Sudan.

WHAT DOES THE $$$ REALLY DO? Allows these women to rebuild their lives. How? With a year-long program that teaches these women about their rights, job skills, and business training…. as well giving them a stipend to support their family. Moving these women from victim to active citizen.

WHAT WILL WE DO AT THE EVENT? Fundraise for these courageous women, register, walk or run, get your fab goodie bag with goodies from companies who believe in this cause, enjoy the event! Music, book store & more.

KID FRIENDLY? Absolutely. Kids can participate in the 5k and then enjoy the festival afterwards! Great exposure to the world outside of our own little neighborhoods and so good for them to see us giving back.

WHAT ABOUT THE GUYS? Yes, of course! Guys can get involved too. Dads, think of your daughters.

WEEPINESS FACTOR? High. Bring tissues for your own efforts and also for these women who are persevering through HELL in a war-torn country and back. Tho, of course, this event will be focused on fun & inspirational speakers, dancers and music -- a celebration!

INSIDER INFO:  If you really want to make a difference,  Sponsor a Sister! For only $30 a month, “your generous gift of sponsorship on behalf of a friend or family member will provide a woman survivor of war with the resources she needs to move from victim to active citizen.” There will be a Sponsor a Sister booth at the event.

WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS WONDERFULNESS? Women For Women International was founded by the inspiring Zainab Salbi who grew up in Iraq during the Gulf War and whose father was Saddam Hussein's personal pilot.  Link to Zainab's Memoir.  Her Step, My Stride is co-chaired by two extraordinary moms from the Bay Area who are dedicated to giving back: Deanne Travis and Danielle Kraaijvanger.

WHAT’S THE NET NET? The money raised will change a woman’s life. How? Graduates of the WFW Program report an average daily income of $1.21 at graduation,
 compared to $0.36 at enrollment. HUGE!


Hope to see you there!

Namaste & Three Cheers! -OM


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