Friday, March 22, 2013

Nurturing Kids' Imaginations with a Little Help from Ma Nature. Mine/Thine Homework

What Forest Creature had their Hand in This?
Elves? Fairies? Cheeky Little Leprechauns?

There’d been some whining going-on on our hike that day. Mostly from the younger kids who were still managing that delicate shift from unpredictable, emotional toddler to more even-keel, elementary school kiddo.

As we, large and loud party of three adults and five young girls 8 and under, rounded the trail’s corner, there, tucked into the side of the trail on a small boulder was a big, surprising, smiley face. Made out of Mother Nature.

What’s this?

The kids’ eyes popped. The whining stopped.

An unbelievable discovery!

“Take a picture, Mommy!!!”

Their bewilderment turned into magical thinking. Could it have been the elves? Or possible Leprechauns left over from St. Patty's Day mischief. Did the fairies come down and magical-wand this? Or did Mother Nature herself have a hand in this… creating the space for the eyes and then the nose and then a big, giant smile.

We adults, meanwhile, stepped back and marveled at the brilliance of someone with a sharp stick. Someone who knew it would make a hiker’s day. Someone who mangled a beautiful, lace-work of moss – but we let that go.

Hearing the wheels of creative thought spin in our daughters’ heads was magical as well for us. The power of their imaginations and the subsequent conversations, all because of a happy, little moss-face discovered far-far away.

Beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend.

Namaste & Three Cheers! -OM

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