Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Skiing – A Salute to The End of Ski Season! Preparing For Spring Skiing Out West or Back East. Spring Skiing Rocks! (Literally)

Hey everyone!

Back by popular demand, it’s time to have some more fun with skiing. 

Spring Skiing this time. 

So, again, decide if you are going on your Spring Skiing trip with your family Out West or Back East and prepare accordingly:

Out West -- Sweet! Corn Snow!!! Meet you, 10:18am, top of the Back Bowls…
Back East -- Sweet Corn what? Sweet Corn on the Cob? You can get it at the Lobstah Shack down the road...

Out West -- Waterproof pants required.
Back East -- Pants, in general, required.

Out West -- Sun exposure warning extreme. Hydrate with H20 accordingly.
Back East -- Mud and rock exposure warning extreme. Hydrate with beer accordingly (after gouging the $%$# out of the base of your skis.)

Out West -- Bored, hot, imported, Argentinian, 20-year-old Lifties ready to go home.
Back East -- ??? Lifties: “Uh, This is my home.”

Out West -- Live bands, tank tops, spring break festivals après-ski.
Back East -- Umbrellas, hail, windshield-wipers full blast when you flee.

Out West -- Giggly, hooting, bikini clad gals on snowboards and skis. (Prepare your teens!)
Back East -- Crabby, soggy, 18 layers of clothing clad wives on your case: “Next year we are going to the BAHAMAS!” (Prepare your wallet!)

Out West -- Celebrity spotting at the base lodge while having a cold beverage.
Back East -- Grass-patches spotting at the base lodge while having a hot beverage.

And finally…. it really comes down to this, no matter what time of year it is…

Let’s face it -- Out West -- World’s Happiest Skiers
Let’s face it -- Back East -- World’s Best Skiers

And with that, we bid ski season and the snow-pack adieu as the final few weeks come to an end. Happy Spring Skiing and see you next season!

Namaste & Three Cheers! -OM


  1. Haha, I like your summary of east/west skiing! Gave me a laugh.. pretty accurate!

    1. thanks Christian! hope you're getting out there for some last turns before it all melts. the question is, out west or back east ;) -OM

  2. I'm certainly going to try to. Thats a tough one! ;)

    1. hey christian! are you still skiing? i meant to attach this link to an earlier (related funny post!) that you might get a kick out of too :) --- more of the Out West vs Back East skiing from a February post --