Thursday, February 14, 2013

The BEST Little Camping/Backpacking Stove: The Snow Peak GigaPower. Throw It in Your Pocket and Let’s Cook. Woo!

Hot Little Camping Stove: Snow Peak!

Ok. So we’re restocking our Camping Gear Box after 10 years of childbirth and diapers and never-ending, man-in-the-yellow-hat Curious George videos. (Tho I love that pain-in-the-patoot, little monkey who always pulls it off in the end, don’t you?)

Now we are past all that and finally getting into the good stuff again.... and this time WITH our kids.

It’s a re-education. And, my is it FUN!

Take the awesomely powerful little gizmo of a backpacking stove, the Snow Peak GigaPower.

It’s about the size of a pack of cards – maybe a little bigger – and literally, fits INTO a pants pocket. As my 11 year old son has demonstrated over and over again. Look Mom! In the pocket. Out of the pocket. In the pocket. Out. In. Out. In…. Out!

My son purchased one with his birthday money after doing hours of research online for the best mini stove (my own little research team!) It has the incredible, magical thing called an “instant igniter” where, instead of swearing for hours as you burn yourself with matches or the Bic Lighter trying to light it while gas flies all over ….. with one little ZAP of a button, the thing lights and – BOOM! - we are on our way to a mad-delicious pot o’ Raman Noodles.

We’ve been practicing with the Snow Peak in the backyard. I’ve been served lots o’ nice and toasty tea….. (and now we need to work on the bits of lawn and crunchy soil that somehow make their way into the pot as well. My son is an enthusiastic new consumer, however is still learning that “what sticks to the stirring spoon when you lay it on earth” is not so delicious.)
Tiny Little Package, Powerful Little Stove

This makes a fantastic, out of-the-big-box gift for anyone with an Outdoorsy spirit or a gizmo love – so, so easy to run and really satisfying to fire up and see it create a nice boil oh so quickly. 

(And sometimes, when i let my imagination run wild, I think it’s going to blast off, head out of the atmosphere, and land on the Moon it looks so much like of some sort of teeny, tiny little lunar lander. Totally cool.)

You could literally fire this thing up on a NYC balcony (if the Super isn’t looking), slope-side on a Rocky Mountain ski slope, or at the base of Everest (not confirmed but I’d like to think) and make yourself a delicious pot o’ cocoa.


Namaste & Three Cheers! –OM

Find much more about it here: Snow Peak , Snow Peak REI , Snow Peak Amazon


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    1. thank you Michael. glad you are enjoying my writing and it's helping you with yours :) hope you get out backpacking with a good, reliable stove. happy adventuring!

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    1. hey Joseph - thanks for the note - still loving the stove & hope you're getting outside to try them out. happy adventuring!