Wednesday, February 20, 2013

#IWishIWasSkiing – When a Ski Nut Grows Up (Has a Family, Moves to the Suburbs, and Barely Makes It) Ski Stories!

Ahh the JOY that a Ski-Mountain Can Bring!
Big Smiles @Tahoe Last Season

So here I am. Biting my fingernails. Fidgeting. Bouncing my foot.

Uncomfortable. Off.

Like a lovesick teenager. Or an addict.

I am JONESING for a ski hill. For a slope. For a snow covered mountain. FOR SOME POWDER.

For I know, that right now, many of you, my friends, are hooting and hollering with JOY on a Tahoe, Rocky Mountain, Utah, Sun Valley, New England, Teton piste. Back-country, front-country, sideways country. On a helicopter, on a snow-cat, on a pair of skins sliding up a mountain. There you are!

I can hear you!

I am home. In my relocated, not ski-country town. Gorgeous and green, it offers everything. But snow. Urg.

As responsible parents, our children’s passionate activities have trumped the family trip for President’s Day Ski Week. And I thought I’d be fine. But, you see, it’s raining down here. Which means snow up high. And we know what that means: Powwwwder Dayyyyyy!

I am not fine. I am off kilter. I am gnawing on things. On my ski-pole. On my glove. On the top, right corner of the ski rack. It haunts me. Skiiiii-rackkkkkkkkk.

Take me to the mountains.

I will get there. With patience, a credit card, and a serious “screw the indoor-soccer, lacrosse, theater, girl scouts, birthday parties next weekend, kids!!!” attitude. I will make it happen.

Yes, we will get there… soon! And, in the meantime, as you carve your fresh-tracks in the barely-fallen snow today, send a little “Yahoooooooo!” hoot my way, will ya?


Namaste & Three Cheers! -OM

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