Monday, November 5, 2012

Watch It Hurricane Sandy! New York Kicks Ass and Takes Names

NYC Battling The Beasts... and Sandy

Hurricane Sandy.  She has dominated our news since I last wrote. My friends and family in New York, fleeing their dark, cold, soggy Lower Manhattan homes or sitting in mile and a half lines for gas in New Jersey. Turned away, because the gas just ran-out.



You see, this stuff doesn’t happen to New York.

At least not the New York that we mythically talk about out here on the West Coast with our California raised kids (though my husband and i are both East Coasters.) Here in soft Cali, we belt out Jay-Z and Alicia K’s New York tunes with their funky strength and vigor and in your face attitude.  And plan our trip to take them to The Big Apple to see Lady Liberty, Ellis Island and all of the companion tourist attractions, like the one where the massive Ty Rex wakes up at night and plays fetch.

New York is fierce. Strong. Impenetrable. Hard. No soft, marshy edges for her. (Ahem, tho this may be one of the problems...)

She kicks ass and takes names: Godzilla, King Kong, Ghostbuster Blob, giant sharks, flesh eating aliens, Japanese monsters galore. 

And she recovers.

In the spirit of taking action, we can donate here to the Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Response:

Be safe and good luck, friends and fam.

Namaste- A

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