Thursday, November 29, 2012

Kids! BEST Holiday Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids

No Pink Plastic Xmas Toys for These Outdoorsy Kids

Ohhhh this is SO MUCH FUN!!!   

First, put the pink, plastic, golden headed, American-Dolly, whinging and dinging, flying-angry-angry-bird toys-that-breed-more-plastic-at-night ideas way back, wayyyy back into the back-closet of your head. That is not this list.

This is the list:

1)   Every hiking, running, biking, jumping, climbing kid can use some version of the Camelback Hydration Pack. They are “cool” and practical and keep those kids drinking – woo! -- because it’s FUN to sip from the weird, octopus, plastic tube that comes, oddly, from their back! Link to Kid's Camelback Ideas
2)   They may roll their eyes when their monogramed LLBean Canvas Boat Bag arrives (gag-me, mom!!!) … but you, Mama, will LOVE it and your kiddo will learn! Best organizer, schlepper, sturdy, spill your yogurt inside, carrier of EVERYTHING from sleepovers to soccer to afternoon playdate snacks. Link to LLBean Bag
3)   Sleds, sleds, sleds! Ok, maybe a little plastic is allowed on this list... just because it looks so fun! This Zipfy Luge Sled has gotten mostly positive reviews.  As a California girl now, I have not tried it as it’s prob not so great on our Cali grass and boulders. But as a former ski town girl, we always need a sled on a kid’s Xmas list, so let me know what you think! Link to Zipfy Luge Sled
4)    Remember when it was Tang? Now it's Astronaut Ice Cream! The perfect out-of-this-world stocking stuffer that bends the imagination... Freeze-dried ice cream that’s a convenient treat for a hike, a super cool concept for kids, and somewhat delicious while you crunch, crunch, crunch your ice cream snack. Major Tom to Ground Control…. Link to Astronaut Ice Cream Ideas
5)   This has “duuuuuuude!!!” written all over it.... For older, active kids: the much-coveted, much-begged-for, much-babbled-about big-ticket item: the GoPro Helmet Cam.  Waterproof, wi-fi built-in. Need I say more? Duuuuuude! Link to GoPro Ideas
6)   Adopt a Seal, Eagle, Sea Otter, Tiger, Wolf, Penguin…..…  This is a great way to make an impact on your kids’ sense of giving and caring by combining a gift of “adopt some sort of big-eyed, adorable animal” with related books, stuffed animals, videos, even, most powerfully, tickets to go see the organization’s facility. There are so many great organizations to support. And a gift like this goes a looong, loooong way.... and brings back home the feel-good giving we are all trying to instill in our kiddos while we try to avoid the gerbil-wheel spinning of over-consumerism. Whew! Link to Adopt a Seal
7)   Kids headlamps. Good for summer camp, sunrise hikes, tents, and, let’s face it, illegal, undercover, late-night reading of books way past bedtime. Link to Headlamp Ideas
8)   Finally, Walkie Talkies are the ultimate Outdoorsy Kid gift. For creative play (we have secret agents plotting takeover of the neighborhood daily) and a high-tech, gizmo feel of big-kid cool-ness. As well as practical for ski area or hiking safety use. We love these! Link to Walkie Talkie Ideas

Let us know about more ideas and what you think! Happy shopping!

Namaste & Three Cheers! –OM

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