Friday, November 16, 2012

MOTHERHOOD: PART TWO: The Shift from Baby/Toddler to Tweens

Even the Vikings Couldn't Survive Phase Tweens

Maybe the giant – kerchunk! – sound in my head happened recently signifying the monumental shift to PHASE TWO OF MOTHERHOOD when I found myself at Pharmaca, our next door pharmacy, picking out two types of all natural deodorant for the ferocious and fetid armpits of two of my three kids – pits that can literally take down hearty, Viking Villages with their "after-a-day-at-school" stank.

Hello hormones. Uh, welcome to the family.

It wasn’t the ridding of all of the strollers, cribs, baby gates, wipes, diapers of every size and sort that made the shift. 

It wasn’t saying goodbye to lugging of 3-step carseats and those omnipresent bags exploding with snacks and creams and sippies and extra clothes for the inevitable backdoor explosion.

Or even the desertion in the school-yard -- no longer needing to cling to mommy's hand, leg, arm, neck every morning at drop-off.

No, it was those two tubes of Tom’s all natural Pit Protector. Ker-chunk. 

Thanks Tom. Sorry Vikings. I owe you one….. 

And on to Part Two.

Namaste & Three Cheers. -OM

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