Monday, November 19, 2012

MOTHERHOOD: PART TWO: Mommy Gets Her Groove Back

editor note: there used to be a John Travolta photo here.....

One of my favorite indoorsy things to do these darker winter days is to hold spontaneous late-night (7pm) dance parties in the kitchen with DJ Outdoorsy Mama in the house, baby!

My three children delight in this other side of Mommy – the more playful, silly, FUN side of mom. Their eyes open-wide and their socks slip and slide as I grab their hands and show them my old Saturday Night Fever moves my sister and I perfected as kids…. 

Spin me, Johnny T! Now dip and hold for three counts and whirl to the other side. Woo hoo!

Last night’s dance review consisted of some golden goodies: Joe Cocker’s Feelin’ Alright; Human League’s Don’t You Want Me Baby – combined with some of today’s seriously fun tunes: Psy the Hilariously Brilliant’s Gangnam Style and my all-time current dance favorite, Flo Rida’s sample of Etta James in Good Feeling. (Buy it, own it, dance to it, belt it out from the mountain-tops on your next Outdoorsy activity.)

Dancing with pajamas and socks on on the kitchen tile-floor with my fascinated and fearless tweens, there is a joy of movement, of flinging limbs and bobbing heads and flippety-flopping feet to the beat (uh, sort of) where they can join me in the “nobody watching” abandon of hairbrush-or-banana-as-microphone, jamming-to-the-band euphoria.

Who needs a 1pm velvet roped $15 drink euro-beat dance club?

Mommy’s got her grove back, baby.

Namaste & Three Cheers -OM

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