Friday, May 25, 2012

Thine/Mine Homework Due Today: Daily Moments of Joy

Sunset, Rodeo Beach

One of the categories I decided to make for this blog is called Thine/Mine Homework. Because, if you are anything like me, even at this later age, you have a deep, innate calling to the word, the thought, the notion, the feel of Homework.

Homework gives us a sense of purpose because it’s attached to an ingrained sense of self we’ve known from 6 years old to 21 and sometimes beyond – the first quarter of our entire life.

Homework is a rhythm. An accomplishment. Like the math/reading program developed to incredible success by a man with the last name Kumon, it’s a repetitive, almost soothing metronome of daily routine. Every single day you do it. And you do it so much that it becomes regular, right, purposeful, and, ultimately, extremely powerful.

You’ll see me calling for thine/mine to get our fannies in gear and create a rhythm as much for us as for the bigger picture. I think we’re all healthier with a little Homework. I know I am. And I want you to join me in doing it: let's find some Homework that brings a daily bit of joy, of caring for ourselves, into our lives -- even just for 5 minutes. Whether it’s a daily hike, breath, stretch for the hamstrings. A daily crunch for the wobbly core or the reminder to take a moment each day to smell the flower or watch the soaring hawk, it’s important. It gives you pleasure. And reconnection to a familiar, old feeling. A heartbeat.

My homework right now, for any day if possible, is to spend a little less time on the growing laundry pile in the basement and a lot more time getting out into the lush, green hills of the Headlands that dip into some of the world’s most breathtaking, windswept beaches. Grab the kids. Go solo. Find a friend. Spring is here, and Summer just two steps away. Soak it all in.

Namaste and three cheers. Have a great long weekend. -a

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