Friday, July 5, 2013

What makes your knees shake more? Cable section of Half Dome or doing the "Do-Si-Do" with your partner at a Barn Dance? Both terrifying.

4th of July Yosemite Barn Dance. Yeeehaw!
Last night on 4th of July our family participated in a classic Americana pastime from the first few days the Wild West was born – the kickin’-our-heels-up and free-spirited Barn Dance…. Yosemite style.

Two hundred and fifty or so of our favorite new BFFs and we squeezed into Wawona’s historic barn on the south side of Yosemite National Park.

Flip flops, pink hair…. you name it, proper attire was not required and we all stomped, promenaded, and do-si-doed ‘round in circles with a lot of hooting and some good old cheering at the silliness and just plain old FUN of it all.

And, that is the key word here. Silly. Or perhaps, fun, with perfect abandon.

Less terrifying than the do-si-do?
The ability to let loose and swing the elbow of the hooting stranger next to you in his French Mickey Mouse t-shirt could be, for some, more challenging than attempting the cable section of Half Dome.

Or, for another comparison, would some rather wrestle an alligator than promenade next to an 80 year old in old fashioned, long skirts? 

Quite possibly.

Case in point, our kids were, at first, preferring the alligator wrestling match since they’re too young for Half Dome…… But once the band got going and the nervous laughter of the crowd quieted down, we got them off the wall and into the swing, fling and stompin’ whinging of things. Yeeeehaw!

Smiles everywhere.

So get out your flip-flops and "step to the right & step to the left." Now do-si-do!

And see what brings more of an adrenaline rush – the alligator, Half Dome cables, or "now grab your partner and swing around"…………….

Highly recommend 2 of the 3.

Namaste & Three Cheers! – OM  

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