Monday, July 29, 2013

Hot Outdoor Gear: Sazzi Shoes, Swoob Bras, Siesta Hammocks, FrozenPeaz and a Straw For a Water Filter. Totally Cool at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Utah.

Pockets for your phone, keys, candy in a sports bra! What???

While rummaging around online on websites instead of rummaging around (and cleaning) the bottom of my daughter’s soggy and odorous backpack from camp last week, I found myself happily cruising around the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market’s site.

And, specifically, poking around on the "Product Showcase", which is fancy for: all the cool, new gear that’s out there that we just might want to own!

While doing so, my eyeballs were drawn to these fascinating, fun outdoor goodies, practical or not. And let’s be clear, I don’t own these nor have I tested them, so do your homework! But it’s fun to discover new gizmos and solutions for our outdoor adventures. Read on.

Light as a Feather Travel Hammock – Oh, yes. This worth checking out just for the video. How I want to be that dude setting up his blue, parachute hammock all over the world. Beam me over to him, Scotty. @ La Siesta Colibri $68

Finally A Sports Bra with Pockets – Ok, ladies, this one’s for us. Swoob (love the name) and the rest of us have declared that “purses are overrated” – enter, as I call it, the Pockety Bra, or as they call it, their Chandi. Phone in the center, keys to one side, ChapSitck (or, uh, candy) on the other. It’s in design right now, so we need patience, people. Swoob Chandi Adjustable High Impact $50

Hot and Cold Packs Named After a Bag O’ Peas – A+ for sense of humor in just the name: FrozenPeaz. I mean, someone finally had the guts to just go with it!! As how many of us have sat with a bag o’ Trader Joe’s petite, green peas on our knees, elbows, boo-boos. Non-toxic. And the PeazPod (again, love it) comes in 6 different shapes. FrozenPeaz $30 and up.

Just Like a Straw –Put this in your mouth, lay down next to a river, and slurp, as if it's a Big Gulp. Enough said. 1,000 liters of clean H2O in your pocket! Fantastic. LifeStraw Water Filter @ $20

"Sandals Suck" so Try These Instead – Love their slap in the face marketing: sandals suck! Apparently, these zapatos have cozy little toe-holders so that each digit feels, well, special. (Unlike your barbaric flip-flops.) They look a little like those lizard barefoot shoes we’ve seen before – Land Of The Lost people – or a little Jurassic Park-y. See what you think. Sazzi DecimalSandals @ $80

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Namaste & Three Cheers – OM


  1. it was so nice meeting you at the conference this weekend. I hope you had a blast there too. Thanks for helping to make it such a positive experience. I am excited to follow your blog and hopefully keep in touch too.

    1. right back attcha! it was an A+ experience in connecting with like minded peeps with blogging in our hearts. let's def stay in touch!

  2. I could totally take that hammock places! The bra with pockets - I needed that on Friday during the 5k - I ended up sticking my room key in my bra.... finally those sandals but not sandals... I'm intrigued. I'd have to try them!

    1. hey diana you down home traveler! i'm super intrigued about this pockety bra and not sandals too. thanks for visiting and looking forward to keeping in touch!