Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Gear Review: The Mega Family Bike Rack – We Found It! Thule Apex 5 Fits Five Bikes Safely & Securely To Ease Bike-Rack Stress Disorder

Wild Modern Sculpture or Fab New Bike Rack?
I’ve written about this image before – my wide-eyed childhood memory of watching my gold, 10-speed bicycle fly off the back of our Powder Blue Volkswagon Rabbit and bounce mercilessly in a wild and passionate fashion into the rushing traffic of Highway 89 in Northern Vermont.

Ack! The horror. The bouncing...

Clearly the rickety bike-rack of yesteryear that my dad kept together with duct tape and some swearing didn’t cut it then. And, today, with five of us now on bigger bikes, I’m prone to avoiding that kind of disaster again for the sake of my Post Traumatic Bike-Rack Stress Disorder and our fellow motorists.

Cut to a modern miracle in the family bike-rack for convenience, “ease” (as “easy” as it can be to stuff 5 bikes onto a small metal bar), safety and peace of mind for everyone involved.

Somehow Thule’s Apex 5 manages to store all of our bikes, lock them in, and hold them on without a nervous wiggle or a jiggle that has us munching on our fingernails the whole drive.

For soccer moms and busy family carpooling, the hitch can also stay on all summer and easily clicks out of the way when you need to open the trunk of your family truckster. So it’s super easy to maneuver around and tucks nicely away, flat against the back.

The only issues that have come up are fitting our smaller bikes onto it is more challenging but can be done (note wild and fabulous photo of floating-bike sculpture!) and overstretching a Ripple Strap, which are replaceable and it comes with extras.

Big Bonus: Comes with a heavy duty lock so you can go eat your In & Out Burger in peace!

What a difference having this on the back of our Beast has made for us. No more stuffing the bikes into our 2nd car, no more leaving the bikes at home. Much more fun!

Namaste & Three Cheers –OM

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