Monday, May 6, 2013

A Quick Kayak For a Lunch Date… Shaking the Day Up & Keeping it Fresh in Sausalito, California

Sneaking Under a Surprised Luncheon Crowd in Sausalito, CA
Sunscreen. Check! 

Flip-flops. Check! 

Life-preserver, paddle, kayak. Check!

We’re on Richardson Bay in Sausalito. Sneaking in a day-date while the kids are in school and our iPhones-from-hell are on “silent” for a moment. 

Just two hours. Then we’re back to the usual every-moment-of-the-waking-day drill.

Note: This isn’t some testosterone inducing white-water kayaking down the Grand Canyon of lore. This is using recreational, sit-on-top kayaks to explore, scoot, and zip around the waterfront for an hour while we get a great workout.

And get to see Harbor Seals snuggling with their fuzzy, spotted babies. Houseboats, junky boats, fancy, shiny white boats. Cormorants, sea-weed, tide-lines, tide-current.

Shaking up the usual day with something freeing, unexpected and fun... And because it's not a normal thing we or anyone can do on a regular basis, it adds a sense of excitement. A little playing hooky from the chop-chop expectations of our responsible, parent-ly life.

Find an outfitter. Make it a day-date. Throw the kids in on the weekend. That’s the plan!

Get out there & enjoy.

Namaste & Three Cheers! –OM

More Info on Recreational/Sit-on-Top Kayaks: (go to this one just for their feature photo)

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