Monday, July 16, 2012

Leaving Blisteringly Hot New England For Freezing, Foggy California…. Huh? -- The Vermont Chronicles

There’s something a-strange going on…

Two days ago in Northern Vermont (note: not Southern Mississippi), as I corralled my kiddos back into the car after a long, eventful day at the chicken farm, the temperature inside my car read a brutal 113 degrees Fahrenheit at two in the afternoon.

Meanwhile, as we prepare to make our way back to the homestead in Cali, friends in my Bay Area neighborhood are freezing and turning on their heat as if it were a blustery late November day.


113 Degrees in Vermont???
Now, we Bay Area folk are used to the cold, mind-bleep of our “summer” weather as the dreaded fog rolls in and turns our tourists into popsicles. However, the 96 degrees in the shade for days on end in Northern Vermont is a big old problem and NOT the norm.

A recent article in Popular Science that popped up in my in-box recently, “Strategies for a Changing Planet: Awareness” says: “We’re on a collision course with extreme weather. It’s time to acknowledge that and prepare.” Popular Science Article Link The rest of the article/blog is super high on the YIKES Factor (Yikes!!!) followed by a host of fantastic arguing in the comments section.

No matter what you think, Vermont summers have warmed up. And it’s odd and sorta freaky when your knees are sweating when you’re used to wearing wool socks all year round.

So, New Englanders, it may just be time to make that commitment to the heat wave of the future. Which to choose? to invest in ice cream truck stock or stock up on more ice cream.

Take your pick. 

Namaste & Three Cheers -a

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