Thursday, July 26, 2012

From The Top of Mt. Everest, El Capitan or Your Bunk Bed, Follow My @OutdoorsyMama on Twitter!

Follow @OutdoorsyMama on Twitter now!

You don't need binoculars to find this blue bird -- my @OutdoorsyMama is now on Twitter! 

I have visions of Sir Edmund Hillary patching through from the summit of Everest to find out the latest from summer camp.... how did the kid do? And the mom? Is she ok?

Ok, maybe not. But it's a fun image.

And I am now hip with the cool people Tweeting all over the place.

So you don't need to lug your big old computer with you everywhere -- just punch me in for the fun on your smart little phone for 160 words or less....

Namaste & Three Tweets! -a

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