Sunday, November 26, 2017

Snake Mountain and the Snowy Owl. Vermont USA #travel #vermontStories

Photographer's STORY: Tall, gangly, naked November trees and a blanket of colors along the trail for a Thanksgiving hike with Dad, a reconnection. A time to reflect on movement into new developmental phases of life and passions for both of us these days. 

And also a time just be Silent. And listen to the tromp tromp of our boots, knowing each other so well father and daughter, muscle memory, we don't have to fill the space with chatter and can just Be.

Today's gift is a snowy owl at the summit. He's tucked in with the muddy brown trees, a beacon of Narnia, otherworldness, a fierce white glow. He flaps, huge, shocking non-camouflage, not a worry. Bold. 

Our breath returns. 

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