Friday, December 6, 2013

Products I Love… My North Face Thermoball Jacket!... Mini Product Review

North Face Thermoball Selfie... Getting ready to brave the elements!

Warm, warm, warm! And, ahem, stylish-ish, too. 

Light, comfy, sleek, form fitting. (It works with the curves, ladies.) A perfect layer for the freezing temps whilst braving the back country in Idaho's Sawtooths, looking for some freshies on your new teli-skis. 

Or for throwing on to bring the kids to school while juggling a dozen bake-sale cupcakes on one arm and your 6 year old's unwieldy Cain's Arcade cardboard project in your other.

In either situation, you're braving the elements. And staying warm.

I love mine. And Backpacker Magazine gave it a "2013 Snow Award" it loved it so much with it's new PrimaLoft "clusters" of down-like fibers. 

It squishes down to the size of a Florida grapefruit, so you might even be able to squash it into a Christmas stocking or two, next to the dental floss and socks that no one really wanted anyway. Make mama's day!

It comes in so many colors it looks like a Skittles factory exploded... And some classy neutrals, too. 

I wear mine for work and play. Upgrade to this jacket.

Namaste & Three Cheers - OM

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