Thursday, August 15, 2013

Giant Ice Cream Cones & Gorgeous Hike Equals a Perfect Adventure with Kids in Vermont -- The OM Vermont Chronicles

Playing on the top of Snake Mountain, Vermont

If I were an outdoorsy kid, this would be my dream adventure.

A four mile round-trip hike up a gentle pitch with a Superman-feeling view at the top. Followed by the MOST GIANT SCOOP EVER of ice cream.

Here’s a great 3-ish hour adventure to take the gang on:

Snake Mountain near Middlebury, Vermont (@4 miles RT)
About 2 miles of gradual elevation through maple and beech trees on an old access road. Up to a breathtaking view of the checkerboard of Vermont agriculture bordering Lake Champlain below, with the towering Adirondacks in the distance. Wow. My kids, ages 8+, easily made it up with a few snack and water stops.

Don’t forget: your camera for the family Christmas Card pic, for sure.

Once down, we’re onto phase two of the awesome Vermont adventure with kids day: bang a left then a left from the Snake Mountain parking lot onto Highway 17 towards the Adirondacks en route to…

Goodies Snack Bar, 6035 Vermont 17, Vergennes, Vermont (follow signs for the bridge to NY)
A "Small" size scoop at Goodies in Vermont
Our eyes just about popped out of our heads at the SIZE of the ice cream cones served at Goodies. A “small” was the same size as our 8 year old’s head. No kidding! 

Flanked by corn fields in the middle of seemingly Vermont-nowhere, Goodies will now go down in our family history as the most “awesome ice cream place ever” and just may have to go down in the Guinness Book of World Records for happiest kids at an ice cream place ever. (For $1.97/small scoop!)

Don’t forget: a wheelbarrow to cart the kids back to the car after finishing their cones.

Hiking kids. Ice creamed kids. Equals happy kids!

Namaste & Three Cheers -- OM & gang

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