Saturday, April 6, 2013

Moms, Get Thine Selves Away! The Importance of Leaving Your Kids Behind and Reconnecting With You (Schmaltzy But True!)

Kids Stuck To You Like a Squirrel Monkey?

When my kids were little, it was as if all three of them had some sort of invisible Velcro and were, literally, connected to me, stuck to me, duct-taped to me 24/7.

Their little bodies clinging to Mama -- poking in my ears, batting my head, banging on the bathroom door, eating off my plate. As if I was one of those wide-eyed tree monkeys with three adorable but constant little babies clinging to my back as I leapt from branch to branch. Their very survival seemed to hinge on crawling back up inside me and being on top of me at every waking – and sleeping – moment…

Let’s just say, for YEARS there was not a lot of personal space around here.

At the time, like a wide-eyed, mama monkey, I tolerated it because, a) I was in a fog of exhaustion and there was no perspective other than daily survival and Cheerio replenishment: “We - can - NOT - run - out - of - Cheerios!!!” and, b) I didn’t know any better. I didn’t have a wise, all-knowing Mommy Whisperer reminding me – hey, get out, find your space, breathe, they’ll be fine……….

Which is why, now, years the wiser and having found some better windshield wipers to get me through that fog, I find myself giddy with WHOOPIE!!! as I click “Enter” and book a trip for myself this Spring to go and play in the National Parks of Southern Utah without my beloved but Saran Wrappy children.

A trip for ME!

And god-bless my husband and various child-care folks for taking them on while I’m gone. They will all survive. And possibly thrive? Creating new networks of reliance and healthy-dependence within their own little unit as I sneak out, break free, run-run-as-fast-as-I can to the bright orange rocks of a distant land for a few days and nights of un-fettered hiking, kayaking, canyoneering, and zippedy-doo-dah-ing all day long!

A little me time. A little Outdoorsy Mama time. A reconnection inside. So that I can come home and give my best with more strength and passion and patience. And so I can enjoy and appreciate the undying love of my 24/7 plastered to me little creatures…. Until next year!

Book it now.

Namaste & Three Cheers! - OM


  1. I am with you 100%! After my twins were born last summer I quickly discovered I needed "me" time or I would go crazy. Now Tuesday nights are all mine to do whatever I want. This past week I was able to leave at least my older kids at home while I zipped off for a free day in San Francisco and it was amazing how rejuvenated I was being able to go slow and focus on little things because no one was screaming or tugging or running away.

    Have fun in southern Utah!

    1. hey michelle! another twin mom!!! good for you guys for getting Tuesdays set up -- that's almost a miracle! ;) and so so smart. so smart. ooh, i'm looking forward to checking out your link -- we're on spring break so v little computer time this week as we're heading camping... (i'm currently searching for our "sporks"...) enjoy this weather! :) :)