Thursday, August 30, 2012

BACK TO SCHOOL Blues or Bliss??? Haircuts and Sneakers and School Supplies, Oh My!

Back to School Blues or Bliss?

It’s been an epic-ly long summer.

We’ve family bonded, camp overnighted, traveled far and wide to see other traveling uncles and nieces and grandparents, oh yes. We’ve done tennis, swim, mountain bike, science, art, horseback riding, pottery, overnight and general fun camps. We’ve stayed home and relaxed and been “bored, Mom!”

What lucky, lucky kids we are.

However, now we are done.

We are ready for pencil sharpeners, first day outfits and yipper-yapping with friends we haven’t seen for 3 months. We are ready to see who our new, bright and shiny teacher is. Who we will sit next to the first day.... and who we will dread sitting next to the second day.

We are ready for the change of the seasons, for pulling out the Halloween Box on Day 4 of back to school – Can we put the giant spiders and gravestones UP YET, Mom??? And thinking about our Christmas lists annoyingly early.

We are ready to remember hating homework but liking recess. We are ready for our wacky science teacher (is there any other kind???) and our daily, rhythmic, routine walk to school.

Unlock the doors. 

We are ready!

Namaste & Three Cheers! –A’s Three Kids

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