Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Pirates at Land's End. San Francisco, California USA #travel

Photographer's STORY: So you're out on your pirate ship back in ye olden days and it goes careening into these rocks in the cantankerously deep and deceptive San Francisco fog and yes you lose a snaggle-toothed mate or two over the side. As you clomp around on your wooden peg leg, would you realize there's a massive Bay that you could steer your sinking ship into for safety as the water gushes through the treasure chest sized gash in your rotting hull? Nope. Most of them didn't. But one guy on a boat did and hello Golden Gate Bridge. 5 Spanish galleons to the first to spot it #epicstory #pirateStory #snaggletoothedMates -a p.s. I love this pic

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