Monday, January 25, 2016

Outdoor Family Magazine Turns One and Makes a Cake out of Dirt, Not Really. Plus Win a Trip!

When I think of any outdoorsy kid turning one I immediately envision that kiddo grabbing at her birthday cake with tiny fists, smearing it all over her face, grabbing some dirt, throwing it on the cake, adding some bugs or other creatures and twigs and grass and anything within her grasp and then taking a handful of this obliterated, now nature-covered cake and stuffing it directly into her now one year old mouth.

Eat dirt. 

So, when I think of Outdoor Families Magazine turning one, I immediately imagine this wild, one-year-old, nature child going for it. So gleeful. So full of spirit. So real. Just like the magazine.

Happy Birthday, guys. Your magazine brings a voice to the little people in the outdoors and to the parents who constantly need to find the lost mitten of the little people in the outdoors. 

I've had a ball being a part of the writing team as well as the reading group and I'm really looking forward to year two... When you learn to walk. On a trail. Stabbing at caterpillars. And finding every single pebble. At a snails pace.

One of the best parts of the celebration is that the magazine is giving us a chance to win a birthday present, a Sand and Surf Family Adventure Vacation to Mexico. So follow the link to sign-up here.

Blow out those candles and keep writing. All of us outdoor families are reading!

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