Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Top 6 Gifts for an Outdoorsy Dad

This could be you, Dads. Epic Mountain Biking in Moab, Utah. Photo credit: Walker Fenton

Hey Dads. Your big day is coming up.

The day when you can sit back in your giant camping chair with an ice-cold beer in your hand. And your feet are up while the lovely outdoorsy gal in your life turns the sausages on the grill. And your outdoorsy kids are running around bringing you more nacho-chips for your extra-spicy guacamole dip.

THIS is what you want for your Father’s Day gift. 

A day of THIS.

And what else?

Big outdoor knife. With big old blade. And teeth.

1 - The Outdoor Knife
Yes there is the multi-tool Swiss Army. And yes there is the multi-tool Leatherman. And then there is the next step up, even just for visual impact. The camping knife with a big-old blade and serrated teeth. The chest-pounding kind of knife that makes you feel like a bad-arse dad at the campground. You’re not just the FlufferNutter s’more maker, you’re the macho guy with The Blade whittling spears at the campfire and scaring the raccoons away before they steal vital groceries from your family. Like this Leatherman Crater @ $22-$60.

GearLine System 
2 - GearLine Organization System
This "organization system" definitely isn’t an attempt for us to get you to clean-up your act, rather it’s a totally cool, smart idea that’s both totally practical and also fun ‘cause you get to hang all your vital outdoor gear in one organized spot. It’s a 4 foot line with 10 s-biners (to hook gear onto) and twisty ties at the each end that attach to anything. Hang it across the inside of your tent. Or tree to tree at the campsite. Or nail to nail in the garage. I actually have it in my office for quick access to my outdoor essentials. @ $20 GearLine 

Lightweight Backpacking Camp Chair
3 - Lightweight Backpacking Camp Chair
This baby sets up in less than 40 seconds. I’ve counted. So no IKEA-like unintelligible diagrams or massive swearing necessary to put it together or break it back down. It’s easy and it’s comfortable. A 25-year veteran outdoor guide friend of mine who is extra-tall carries it with him on ALL backpacking trips. Kudos, Jerry, for introducing me to this chair. Weighs 1lb. 10oz. and can hold up to 250 lbs. @ $73 REI

Cool Outdoor T-Shirt for Dad.

4 - The Outdoor T-Shirt with Humorous or Dope Saying
Guys, you don’t care if it’s cotton. As long as it makes you laugh or feel epic. From the cool graphic with John Muir quote to the ridiculous “Naked Bacon Hiking”, “Tick Magnet” or hungry cartoon bear, you must have a t-shirt specifically for the trails or campsite. A poly-blend for good wicking and/or one that makes your wife’s eyes roll when you put it on is definitely preferable, but take what you can get (away with…) @ $20 and up Outdoorsy T-Shirt Ideas

Goal Zero Solar Charger

5 - Goal Zero Solar Charger
If you want to have the power to check the scores from the playoffs with your satellite communicator in the backcountry OR call Grandma on her birthday from the campsite, you need to keep things charged. This one works. It charges. I have it and I use it on the trails. Backpacking, hiking, camping, biking. It juices up my electronics in a RELIABLE way.  From @ $79-$120 and up depending on bells and whistles.  Guide 10 PlusSolar Kit.

Slickrock Trail. Moab, Utah. Photo credit: Walker Fenton
6 - Mountain Biking Trip to MOAB, Utah
Gather your crew of mountain biking buddies and make this happen. Your trip to the mountain biking mecca of Moab, Utah to spend the long weekend on two wheels on the trails. Wave bye to the wife and kids and thank them for this EPIC trip. And say hello to the Slickrock, which is a wildly sticky or “tacky” rock in Moab that allows you to hold your tread like you’ve never before on crazy pitches. Hello nearby Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. Hello miles and miles of mountain bike nirvana. Book your flights. Hop in the car. Make this one happen. Priceless. Moab info

Happy Father's Day, friends.

-Outdoorsy Mama

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  1. I Like it! Moab trip for me please...

    1. sending this note FedEx to your wife and kids.... or maybe by Drone.....!

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    3. hope you get to Moab, Michael Owen! make it happen :)

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