Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Products i Love - Smartwool Light Cushion Outdoor Socks. THE Most Important Part of My Hike, Bike & Outdoor Adventure!

I grabbed my first pair of these from the gear shop at the addictive Red Mountain Resort in St George, Utah getting ready for a day of hiking-straight-up at Zion National Park. 

I needed something reliable and I'd skied in Smartwools, but had never had a pair for my summer adventures.

Best move I've EVER made for my happy feet.

A week of sweaty, hot, orange-rock-hiking, Southern Utah canyoneering, and mountain biking – I took this particular model – "Light Cushion Outdoor Women's" – thru the wringer for miles and miles of abuse in my trail shoes. 

What? Amazingly, they didn't stink at the end of the day. And my feet stayed comfortable and dry. 

Whatever magical ingredient that these guys at Smartwool bibbedy-bobbedy-boo into this sock formula works. No hot spots, no blisters, no sweaty toes, no nothing. Just comfort. Boom!

Merino wool. And "light cushion" adds some padding but isn't bulky. And, let's face it, they're attractive - a bonus so I don't feel like a lumberjack in my trail shoes.

I just ordered 6 pair of the same color so I'll be ready for a summer of intense outdoor activity - summiting Idaho mountains, canoeing Vermont shores, trail running Colorado scree fields and hiding from all responsibilities indoors. 

Yup. Love ‘em. Been using them all year. They come in gal, dude and uni-colors of all sorts. Find them at most smart, outdoorsy retailers.

-Outdoorsy Mama

“Look deep into nature, and you will find the answer for everything.” –Albert Einstein

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  1. Smartwool socks are the best! And they are made here in Colorado too!

    1. hey, thanks, i didn't know that. love love their socks and REALLY love Colorado ;) thanks Lora! hope you're getting out there…..