Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Welcome our new Outdoorsy Puppy! Heart Achingly Adorable. Fuzzy, Four-Footed Bundle of Energy & Love.

ready to tackle the trails! or take a snooze...

Oh, yes, we've been busy over the last few days. No, not climbing Mt Everest. But, rather, adopting a new, leetle pound-puppy.

Welcoming our fuzzy-headed, four-legged girl into our busy, fun, chaotic, active, loving, family life. 

After trying out a few names, her combo of traditional, outdoorsy, and adorableness-ness helped us find and finally stick her new name: Aspen Wiggle-Bottom the Third. (More on this later...)

Welcome, little Aspen Wiggle-Bottom, to our family! 

And get ready for some awesome family adventures as our new bloggy-doggie...

Namaste & Three Cheers! - OM


  1. I’m actually curious as to why she's the third Aspen Wiggle-Bottom. Heh. Black Lab, I assume? Definitely a great breed for outdoor adventures since they have quite a store of energy for different kinds of activities. Have fun with your new bundle of joy!

    1. ah, thanks Tyesha! she is "The Third" because it was a funny thing to tag on to the end of a silly, adorable name. (can you tell we're in love!) she's actually a one-year old mutt that we rescued from the shelter, mostly Puggle - pug and beagle - with a little bit of black lab in her that makes her look like a puppy! she'll stay this size but can hike, run, camp, and possibly bungee jump with the best of them. thanks for the nice comment!