Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Good Looking Lunatic Throwing Himself From Outer Space Back Into Inner Space: Felix Baumgartner

Have you met Felix Baumgartner? Me neither. But I’d like to shake his 3 shots of Red Bull jacked hand. 

Felix is attempting a Supersonic Freefall tomorrow. It was supposed to happen yesterday (we are monitoring with baited 10 year old space crazy breath over here) – but due to gusty winds, the 55 story balloon that was supposed to carry our Felix into the edge of outer space was misbehaving and mission was aborted for the day.

Hang on to your seats, ladies and gents. Here’s the fun part: when Felix throws himself out of the balloon lifted pod 120,000 feet above Earth, he will, as he is falling, Break The Speed Of Sound. With his head. 

How Super Hero cool is that?

According to my thrilled son, there are 4 world records about to be broken if all goes well for Felix tomorrow. The video footage on the website is phenomenal and worthy of an Emmy or an Oscar (or Webby, right?) – clearly Red Bull is funding this well and Bravo to them!

Check out the website and ENJOY the thrill!!!

Oscar worthy you-tube video:

Namaste & Three Cheers -a